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Together we can reduce forest fires and slow climate change.

Current Forest Fire Status

Current Areas of Operation


You can see all active wild fires in British Columbia here.

  • Chilcotin Region

  • Caribou

  • British Columbia

The province has put together an assortment of wild fire prevention resources.

This is a great place to start educating yourself!

Our Mission

We see the change in wild fire devastation each year as our climate warms and fire seasons become longer and more catastrophic. If we do nothing, the situation will continue to escalate. 
If we act now, we can reduce the impact of forest fires. No matter where we live, we are all impacted by these fires. 
Help us change the course of history!

Our vision is to work in coordination with local governments as well as property owners to reduce the spread of forest fires.


We can limit the spread of wild fires by keeping our forests clean and clear of fallen trees. A reduction in forest fires means we're able to preserve more of our incredible natural resources and wildlife habitats. This is a huge win for the environment!


We're working alongside local governments, land owners, and home owners to make a serious impact in our forests! 

Whether you need your property cleared of dead trees and shrubs that act as kindling in a forest fire, are interested in landscaping services, or need landscaping materials for your property - we can help!


We don't waste any part of the trees we're clearing out of the forests! Any fallen trees are repurposed and turned into something else.


These trees become landscaping materials like bark mulch, beams and wood cuts for construction, or beautiful custom furniture and home furnishings. You can feel good knowing your wood products are sustainable! 


Want to support us?

Our desire to protect the incredible forests all around us in British Columbia is a huge task, but we're up for the challenge! We're taking it one property at a time, one acre of forest at a time.


With your support we will be able to expand our team, invest in the equipment that will allow us to protect huge swaths of our forests, and so much more! 

Whether you're a corporation looking to give back to the community and protect our beautiful province, or an individual that's as passionate as we are about protecting our forests, we value your support!

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